(1) Nordco Rail Crane (18) Ton

(1) Nordco Rail Crane (18) Ton

(1) Nordco Rail Crane (18) Ton

** Standard Boom & Short Boom Included in sale.  Magnet and Genset also included. 

We have for immediate sale (1) Nordco Rail Crane (18 Ton)   This unit was rebuilt in 2012. See attached Excel Sheet & Brochure for full specifications.   This unit is need of a transfer case repair, and Noedco will support this.  Approx cost is US$20,000.00 for the repair, other wise the unit is in excellent condition. 

At cost over US$590,445.00 new rebuild, this unit can be purchased today for much less.  call for details.  Unit is in Vancover, BC  ready for inspection.

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    18-Ton Rail Crane

    New or Rebuilt

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    Key Features

    The 18-Ton Rail Crane includes the following key features:

    • Enclosed single-operator (with space for one additional passenger), climate-controlled cab

    • Lattice-style boom, with 18-ton capacity

    • 35 ft. boom; 55 ft maximum with optional extensions

    • 360-degree continuous upper deck rotation

    • Integrated CraneSmart load moment indicator (LMI) system (optional)

    • John Deere Tier III, 275 HP engine

    • Railcar couplings and train line air brake system

    • Hydrostatic traction system

    • 24Vdc (dual 12V) batteries, 1150 cold-cranking amps

    • Funk three-speed power shift transmission

    • 28 mph maximum travel speed

    • Electric-over-hydraulic proportional joystick winch control

    • Pullmaster winches

    Completely redesigned

    The Nordco 18-Ton Rail Crane is the next generation of the classic industry workhorse: the Pyke 18-ton material handling crane.

    The completely redesigned crane features updated hydraulic and electrical systems, as well as an ergonomically designed two-person (one operator and one passenger), climate- controlled cab.

    In addition, the new lattice boom design and the hydrostatically driven power shift transmission provide increased reliability.

    Purchase or rebuild options

    Select one of our two convenient purchasing options:

    • Purchase a new 18-Ton Rail Crane.

    • Have us rebuild and upgrade your existing crane into
    a Nordco 18-Ton Rail Crane; your crane will be rebuilt from the frame up, will incorporate the latest technology upgrades, and will carry a full new machine warranty.

    Integrated LMI system

    The optional integrated CraneSmart load moment indicator (LMI) uses the following ve areas, in concert, to determine if load stability has been compromised according to the pre-programmed load charts.

    • Level — measures the superelevation of the track

    • Boom Angle Indicator — measures the angle of the boom; the LMI will stop operations if the boom is too high

    • Boom Direction Indicator — a sensor mounted on the upper deck directly below the winch area work with eight directional tags mounted on the lower deck. When the boom comes into close proximity to any of these tags, the information is sent back to the LMI

    • Anti-Two-Block — prevents hook block contact with the sheaves

    • Load Cell — measures the weight of the total load

      Lower cost of ownership

      Since the Rail Crane uses many of the same components as other Nordco machines, you can stock fewer maintenance parts on your parts wagon.

      In addition, your sta can easily transition their existing Nordco equipment knowledge to the Rail Crane, shortening the amount of time required to master diagnostic or preventive maintenance procedures.

    Redesigned lattice boom and power shift transmission provide excellent reliability.

    Optional Equipment

    Option Type



    10- and 20-foot boom extensions


    Cranesmart load management system


    Locomotive and perimeter lighting


    10 KW Rud-o-matic magnet generator


    Electric emergency pump



    Crane Speci cations

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    Speci cation


    Boom Lengths

    17’ 7” (primary) 17’ 6” (secondary)

    Boom Rated Capacity

    See load chart in operator’s manual

    Main Winch

    Hoisting line pull at maximum pressure:

    6,250 lbs (full drum) 9,756 lbs (bare drum)


    Lowering line pull at maximum pressure:

    1,474 lbs (full drum) 2,252 lbs (bare drum)


    Hoisting line speed at maximum volume:

    201 fpm (full drum) 129 fpm (bare drum)


    Lowering line speed at maximum value:

    871 fpm (full drum) 558 fpm (bare drum)


    Cable Type:

    262 ft (maximum cable capacity)
    2200 psi (maximum operating pressure)

    17 gpm/50 gpm (minimum/maximum operat- ing volume)

    1.5 gallons (lubricating oil volume required)

    Boom Winch

    Line pull at maximum pressure:

    6,250 lbs (full drum) 9,756 lbs (bare drum)


    Line speed at maximum volume:

    201 fpm (full drum) 129 fmp (bare drum)


    Cable type:

    5/8” diameter, Class 6-19 IWRC, non-rotating, right lay/normal lay

    262 ft (maximum cable capacity)
    2200 psi (maximum operating pressure)

    17 gpm/50 gpm (minimum/maximum operat- ing volume)

    1.5 gallons (lubricating oil volume required)

    Magnet Reel

    Cable type: 2 core, #8 gauge cab type wire Maximum cable capacity: 60 ft
    Lubricating oil type/volume: SAE 90 Heavy

    Magnet Generator

    Gensco model HMG - 10 KW

    Maximum Round Magnet Size

    45” diameter

    General Product Speci cations



    Speci cation

    Rated capacity

    Length Width


    Boom lengths Travel speed

    Towing speeds Towing limitation Tail swing
    Fuel tank Hydraulic oil tank Axle housing

    Oil cooler
    Air compressor
    Cable winder
    Boom capacity
    Idle Speed
    Rated horsepower
    Run speed
    Tank drier
    Hand brakes
    Double Gear Pump (optional) Single Gear Pump
    Load Sensing Pump


    98,500 lbs (approximate - actual weight may vary based on selected options) 18 tons

    17’ 4” (without boom)

    49’ 9” (overall length with boom in travel position)

    10’ 4”

    13’ 6” (top of engine exhaust, with crane at lowest angle and position)

    42’ 9” (with crane at highest angle)

    17’ 7” (primary)

    17’ 6” (secondary)

    28 mph maximum

    30 mph (disconnect drive shafts before towing to prevent transmission damage)

    10 rail cars maximum 6’ 11”
    110 gallons
    220 gallons

    4.2 gallons
    2 @ 44.25 gpm, 89.5 gpm total
    .75 gallons
    2 gallons
    See load chart in operator’s manual
    John Deere
    6068HF485, Tier III
    1,100-1,200 rmp
    275 @ 2400 rpm (under load)
    2100 rpm (running faster will cause cavitation damage to load sense pump) Funk 2000 series, three-speed
    24Vd (two 12 VDdc batteries), 1150 cold-cranking amps
    Heavy-duty air brakes
    1800 rpm, 78.8 cfm
    SKF Turbo 2000
    Ellcon National, model 1180
    Permco 257 series, 48.3 gpm @ 2100 rpm (x 2)
    Permco 257 series, 48.3 gpm @ 2100 rpm
    77.5 gpm, 2175 psi, 2100 rpm, 500 psi LS setting



    Transmission Electrical System


    Hydraulic System


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