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2008 Hy-Tracker Combo with 2012 Deere 240D 3000 approx hours

Here is the perfect comonation.  We will sell this as a complete set up, or sell the Hy-Tracker Separate.  Keep in mind if you buy just the Hy-Tracker if you do not already have it, you will need The Rotary manifold, Air System, and plumbing from Hy-Tracker.  Ive been verbally estimated @ a cost of aprrox US$50,000.00 .


If more information is desired , please contact me, this equipment is currently in Canada, so if you are in Canada you are already in luck.


Prcing is as follows;


Hy- Tracker -  US$95,000.00

Hy Tracker Hydraulic Kit  for Excavator -  US$35,000.00

Low Bed Hy Tracker 100,000 Lbs 4 Axle  - 135,000.00

Deere Unit 240s with the Hy Tracker Hydraulic  Kit - 2012 -  US$295,000.00


Entire kit with the 2012 Deere and the Low Bed 4 axle  is US$525,000.00 or back out the Low Bed and the price is US$390,000.00... or buy as inidcated above.