2013 Kenworth T400 Boom Truck With Altec AC18-70B

2013 Kenworth T400 Boom Truck With Altec AC18-70B


We have (1) 2013 Kenworth T400 Boom Truck with a 70' Altec AC18-70B-HL Crane with codeless remote. 


** 8.3L 6 Cyclinder  330Hp Paccar PX-8 Engine

** Allison Auctomatic 

** 78,240 Miles 

** 6x4

** Altec AC18-70B-HL  Serial # 0212EP0310

** Hydraulic Tool Circuit

** McKissick  Ball Hook 7 Ton ?N 41128444 ( 165LBS) 

** Wireless Remote Control




AC18-70B-HL ( 18 Ton ) 

Telescopic Boom Truck Crane

This truck mounted crane is designed for work applications requiring material delivery. Built with tandem axles, this truck is capable of hauling heavier cargo. Mounting the crane behind the chassis cab maximizes bed space and available payload. Learn more about the optional oil and gas package now available on Altec AC18 series cranes.