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Plasser American Tamper Metro 4x4

Plasser American Tamper Metro 4x4

Plasser American Tamper Metro 4x4


This is a running and operational Production Tamper


** Serial # 1999

** Year 1994

** Machine Type UNIV.METRO 4x4

** LIRR 1861 SPEC 3808

** Length; 57'6"

** Width ; 9'5"

** Height; 12'3"

** Weight; 110,002

** Truck Distance ; 32' 7"

** Engine Power; 440 HP


The Plasser METRO 4X4 is a heavy-duty, high performance switch and production tamping machine with a production rate of up to 20 ties per minute. It is a multi-function tamping machine and has fully automatic track lifting, lining and cross-leveling capabilities. Specially designed for the stringent requirements of high density transit and commuter lines, the Plasser METRO 4X4 utilizes design concepts and components that have been well proven worldwide. The METRO 4X4 is standard equipped with Plasser's PLC system. Touch screen monitors allow quick access to all machine functions and an integrated diagnostic system assists the operator with trouble shooting. The machine is constructed for ease of operation and maintenance. The four, four-tool traversing tamping heads are individually and proportionally controlled for smooth operation. Standard equipment includes a proportional leveling control system, pendulum-controlled elevation correction system, and the company's single-cord automatic lining system. A laser lining system and a choice of engines are among many available options for different requirements. It is designed for use on 4 ft. 8 - inch standard gauge track or wide gauge, bolted or continuous welded rail, on wood or concrete ties. The METRO 4X4 is capable of traveling up to 45 mph on level track and ascending grades of 6%. The METRO 4x4, is equipped with many features designed to enhance its efficiency and productivity, especially when working through switches.


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