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Cricket Enterprises LLC is a Massachusetts based company that trades in Rail Road Rolling Stock, High Rail and Maintenance of Way (MOW) equipment. Interchange box cars, flat cars, Hopper Cars, Gondola Cars, ballast cars, Pettibone speed swings, Geismar, Trackmobile, Kershaw, Shuttlewagon, high rail rotary or swivel dump trucks, tie cranes, railroad cranes, ballast regulators, Tampers and Caterpillars are examples of the diverse products we can supply. 

We have been providing customers with quality Railroad equipment since 2001. We look forward to meeting your Railroad equipment needs. 

2007 Freightliner  Rotary Dump

2007 Freightliner Rotary Dump

Cricket Enterprises - Specializing in HyRail trucks, MOW equipment, and Rolling Stock.  We are a trusted source for your railroad equipment needs, with a long reputation of delivering top quality equipment to customers all over the United States. Contact us to purchase railroad gear or to make requests.  

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