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Financing Options Available @

American Equipment Leasing 

At Cricket Enterprises, we value your business and as a potential customer, we want to make your purchasing experience as easy and convenient as possible. Besides offering quality railroad equipment, as a value added service we try to make financing available with every purchase.

POINT OF SALE FINANCING that includes up to 100% FINANCING, a simple application process, quick credit responses and competitive interest rates. All are designed to make your business purchase fast, simple and extremely convenient.

Potential benefits we hope you will experience include:

  • Pay as you go, equipment can pay for itself as it generates income

  • Preserve valuable bank lines & borrowing at your local bank for other business needs

  • Preserve your working capital for the next job or project by financing your purchase

  • Convenience of buying and arranging financing all in one place

  • Get your equipment on site working faster with quicker approval time than conventional banks and yes, typically less paper work, red tape and no restrictive bank covenants

  • Potential tax benefits; expense the interest and depreciate the asset (consult your tax advisor)


Any financing offered will be done with the help of American Equipment Leasing  who has been securing financing for the construction industry for over a decade. Providing you with quality railroad equipment and superior service is our goal at Cricket Enterprises LLC.

To inquire about applying for credit, or learn more about financing options that may be available, or to simply answer a question you may have regarding financing,

CALL (864) 288-9001 ext 302

Ask for Michael A Cantarella to handle your financing needs.


Click above to apply ( Printable application )


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