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Any and all Rolling Stock / Rail Cars


We are currently in the need of Flat Bottom Gondola cars and Aggregate Cars

Rotary Dump Trucks

We are looking to buy your used High Rail Rotary Dump, Roto or Swivel Dump Truck. Any age, or condition, or quantity. Prefer High Rail, but not a must.

High Rail Gear

We will buy your used High Rail Gear. Do you have surplus Hyrail Gear? Did you buy a truck from a auction and have no need for the train gear / high rail? Call Us at 781-585-1271!

Material Handlers

Some call these trucks Grapple Trucks or Log Loaders.  We are looking to buy any Material Trucks , Log Loaders or Grapple Trucks that are High Rail Equipped.

Railroad Surplus

Do you have MOW or High Rail Trucks that are surplus to your needs?  Do you have a job that is about  to completed.  Is it that time you are thinking about retiring?  Is it time to downsize?.... Everyone has that Truck or MOW ( Maintenance of Way ) item that is not being utilized...We are interested in any and all surplus.

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