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Supereior Sales Side Dump Car Nice Model # SSD6001

Supereior Sales Side Dump Car Nice Model # SSD6001




We have a like new Superior Sales Side Dump Car for Sale.. Model SSD6601


This can dump left or right and has a 60,000# capacity..

Pulled by your MOW Equipment.

Tow Bar included. ** 14,200 LBS

** Load Capacity :50,000

** Load Volume: 17.8 Yards ( Heaped Ballast )

** Engineering Specifications are approx 65,000 lbs total weight rating

** Tier 3 Engine : Kubota V2607-T ( 52hp@1800 RPM)

** Fixed Power Rating of 52hp @ 1,800rpm

** Deep Sea(3110) Starter Control Module with hi/low throttle switch and electric start and engine monitoring

** 4 Wheel Air Brake system powered by parent machine using glad hand couplers from pre plumed tow bar.

** Pivoting 3.5" Axle w/hub mounted wheels for curve Traverse

** Easily accessible side mounted 10 gallon diesel tank

** BNSF specified filtration system on 13 gallon hydraulic reservoir with overflow drain and test port


** Rail Grabers

** Serial # SSD28369-2-17

** Length 336" Width 102" Height 95" ** Built 12/2016

** Included tow bar with air line jumper hoses with glad hand couplers.

** Pressure Sensing Progressive Hydraulic Dumping System: 4 Rail Clamps then Cart dump cylinders then pass through back to tank with the down button

** 20' Corded operation controller with twist emergency stop.

** Indicator Lights for Common PM Items: Engine Air, Air Filtration and Hydraulic Filter.


We are currently looking to have this unit rented .. Please send me your reservation...

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